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Our Philosophy

OM MAYA SUNDARAM MAHAVIDHYALAY is committed to innovative learning methodologies, constant improvement.

Cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering adherence to academic quality. The curriculum will be enriching and challenging by its sheer diversity, where students learn to relate and deliver in new creative ways.

Our Mission

The primary mission of OM MAYA SUNDARAM MAHAVIDHYALAY is to tackle problems with broader perspective.

They would have a sense of moral and social responsibilities. To achieve these goals, the institute will attempt to develop key attributes in students .

What We Do

We commit ourselves to continually upgrade the curriculum matching with global needs and priorities.

The delivery methodology and the infrastructural facilities through periodic self-assessment and benchmarking.

Our Team

Om Maya Sundaram Arts & Science MAHAVIDHYALAY was established in 2000. It is a co-educational institution where rich education is imparted among the students, which makes them knowledgeable. We know that knowledge is power.

This college has taken up the responsibility of imparting necessary, effective and practical education to the students, so that they can reach great heights and attain maximum achievements in their life....

Bachelor of Science in dhramjaigarh


Dr. Rajendra Tiwari
Bachelor of Commerce in dhramjaigarh


Mr. P.D. Mahant
Master of Arts dhramjaigarh


Pro. D.K. Dewangan & Pro. D.K. Rathia
Master of Science dhramjaigarh


Mr . Arun Kumar tiwari